Marie Bauernschmidt’s Family

Marie Oehl von Hattersheim Bauernschmidt (1875-1962) was a well-known political gadfly in Baltimore from 1920 to 1950. At the height of her career, she was a public figure who could strike fear in politicians while demanding wrongs be righted to her satisfaction. She had a symbiotic relationship with the Baltimore press; her crusades and techniques were good copy and the publicity in the press legitimized her campaigns. Her public career is chronicled in Mrs. B. Speaks Her Mind: Marie Bauernschmidt, Baltimore’s Political Gadfly (forthcoming).

The information on this site is intended to frame Marie Bauernschmidt’s career through her family connections. She once stated that the three men who most influenced her life were her grandfather August Hellweg, her father-in-law George Bauernschmidt, and her husband William Bauernschmidt. Included here are brief biographical sketches of her parents, Rudolf and Caroline Oehl von Hattersheim; her maternal grandparents, August and Clara Hellweg; her husband William Bauernschmidt and her in-laws George and Margaretha Bauernschmidt.

Cynthia H. Requardt, June 2014